Stainless-steel Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealer for Wafer in Clean Room

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  • Automatic Grade:Semi Automatic
  • Item Type:Packaging Machine
  • Packaging Material:Metal

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YIZUO’s stainless-steel nozzle type vacuum sealer is designed especially for 8” and 12” wafers in the clean room. With adjustable working table, and over temp sealing bar protected device, the machine is safe and easy to use. The machine is also easy to open (without tool), which is convenient for repair and maintenance.




YIZUO’s vacuum packaging machine have 1 year warranty period. If the machine is damaged during delivery, customers should inform us at once and send us photo of outside packing appearance and broken part. After checking, we will send you free part for you to replace with free shipping. If the machine breaks down or any trouble arises under normal operation(non man-caused factors) within one year after shipment,we offer free parts and online teaching service.




®Protect electronic parts (chips and wafers) from rusting and dampening.

®Extend storage period of packed goods.

®Compress the packing size of goods






Machine size: 765 *650 *1365 mm

Working table: 700*500 mm

Sealing Length: 10*700mm

20 Programs intelligent control panel

Sensor or time changing function

Alarm for sealing wire interrupting electricity

Over temp sealing bar protect device

Power: 220V 1PH




RTemperature Control

RSensor Control(0-99%)

RComputer Communicated

RGas Flushing System

RDouble Sealing

RHigh Pressure

RSoft Air

RIP65 Waterproof

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