Stainless-steel Vacuum Packaging Machine with two 900mm sealing bars

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YIZUO‘s TY-900 vacuum packaging machine has two 900mm sealing bars, and is suitable for packing meat, seafood, processed food, pickled food and medicine…etc. With vacuum pump leading band: German Busch Pump, this floor-standing can surely help you raise the production capacity. Equipped with precision digital control panel and one-touch automatic programming, these systems are extremely easy to use. The sealing system delivers excellent results with all types of pouches and bags.Our vacuum chamber machines are engineered and built to be hygienic and easy to clean. Machines are also available with optional gas flushing equipment and a wide range of accessories.




YIZUO’s vacuum packaging machine have1year warranty period. If the machine is damaged during delivery, customers should inform us at once and send us photo of outside packing appearance and broken part. After checking, we will send you free part for you to replace with free shipping. If the machine breaks down or any trouble arises under normal operation(non man-caused factors) within one year after shipment,we offer free parts and online teaching service.




Sealing length: 900mm*2

Sealing band width: 6mm

Protect device for sealing band

Machine size: 1000*730*1000mm             

Chamber size:920*620*180mm

20 programs digital time control panel(0-99.9%)

Total made of SUS#304 stainless steel

Thickness of chamber lid: 5mm

Vacuum pump: Germany Busch pump 63M3/hr

Ultimate vacuum: 0.5mbar 

Manual close chamber lid, Auto open

Change vacuum oil automatic display

Power: 220V 3Ph 




RTemperature Control

RSensor Control(0-99%)

RComputer Communicated

RGas Flushing System

RHigh Pressure

RSoft Air


RAdditional SealingBar




®Maintain food’s freshness and flavor; antiseptic and mold resistant.

®Extend storage period of packed goods.

®Compress the packing size of textile,fabrics, cotton/wool products

®Prevent electronic and hardware parts from rusting and dampening. 



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